Hi! I'm Anna van Harmelen

Anna van Harmelen

About me

I'm a Dutch neuroscience student interested in research into our brain on multiple levels: from neural systems to cognition and behaviour.

Currently, I'm at the Proactive Brain Lab, where I investigate the various factors that govern attentional selection and prioritisation within visual working memory, using a combination of eye-tracking and behavioural experiments.

I wrote a thesis on this same subject to conclude my Master's degree in neuroscience in September 2023, which you can find along with my other work. I pursued this degree at the Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences of the LMU in Munich.

In 2020, I wrote my Bachelor's thesis on evidence accumulation in audiovisual decisions in humans. You can find it along with my other work. This work concluded a Bachelor's in Psychobiology at the University of Amsterdam.